A little bit about myself.....

Born in Amsterdam and immigrated to New Zealand when I was 10, where I grew up and then when I turned 22 started traveling and living in other countries. So having done a couple of years in America and then Europe, where I lived in the UK and in France, I decided it was time to go home to NZ.

I started working with top photographers in NZ and learnt from different styles of shooting people and discovered my passion is for capturing moments that show emotion with love and laughter.

Then I had an opportunity to move to Perth and feel I have found paradise.

Here Live Life Photography was born, with the help of all the amazing photography community I have been busy shooting Family Portrait's and Weddings. Also working with Corporates and shooting for the websites and Fashion for boutique clothing and jewerly shops.

Reflexing on everything I have done and experienced it was time to really think about what I loved about photography and create something that is unique and provided all the elements of why I love Photography.

This is when DAY IN THE LIVE sessions started.

I wanted something that worked with people capturing the moments that are priceless and show emotion with love and laughter.

So with these sessions we come into the family home and stay all day and capture all the important moments and also have full family portraits sitting.

So if there is anything that made you smile on our website we would love to hear from you and work with you.